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Indian and other multiday weddings can get pretty complicated, so we generally do a custom quote for each wedding based on the prices and details listed below. If something about your wedding is different or doesn’t fit the basic packages, please let us know or come in for a chat and we can do a complete custom quote for you.

Pre-Wedding Events

$250 per hour 1 Cameraman // $400 per hour 2 Cameramen

First pick how many hours of pre-wedding coverage you would like. Next choose one-cameraman or two-cameraman coverage. One cameraman means pre-wedding events will be covered in highlight form only. Two cameramen coverage means you will get full real-time edited videos of each event from start to finish. 

Ceremony Day

$4500 // 2 Cameramen // Full Day

We offer a fixed rate for the day of the wedding ceremony itself, with 2 cameramen for a full day. This includes coverage of the bride and groom getting ready, the Milni, the wedding ceremony itself in full, the photoshoot and the Doli. 

Reception Night

$2400 // 2 Cameramen // 6 hours

On the day of the reception (assuming it is separate from the ceremony day) we offer a fixed rate for 6 hours coverage with 2 cameramen. This includes all the speeches in full, any dance performances, first dance, and extended coverage of the party itself. We use a jib/crane to get extra awesome dancing shots, and make sure we include lots of dancing footage.

Highlight Videos

$800 Same Day Edit // $1100 Overall Highlight Video

You can choose to add a Same Day Edit to your package for $800. This is generally around 5 minutes long and is edited to show at your reception (so it’s more of a next day edit I suppose). It contains all the best bits from all the pre-wedding events and the day of the ceremony. After your wedding when we’re finishing up the editing of the whole thing, for no extra charge we will add some highlight from the reception to your Same Day Edit so you have a complete highlight video of your entire wedding week.

Instead of the Same Day Edit (or as well) you can have an Overall Highlight video. This is edited after the wedding along with the rest of the footage and contains highlights of the entire wedding week. Generally around 15-20mins long, this contains more footage than the Same Day Edit, and we have more time to prepare it.