DOCUMENTARY PACKAGE 2 Cameramen, 12 hours

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Beautiful, cinematic, emotional, moving. Like all our packages, the Documentary comes with our trademark cinematic 5-8 minute highlight video that tells the story of your whole wedding day. The idea is that this video is all you need to look back and remember your whole wedding. It has all the details, the soundbites, the tears, the laughter, the jokes from the speeches, the sentimental bits from the speeches, your vows. Everything. And we try and make every video we do different and unique to each couple, showing them authentically.  It’s how we make the best wedding videos in Calgary.

Our whole goal with the highlight video is to create a video that truly represents how your wedding unfolded, and is short enough that you can watch it again and again and share it with all your friends and family.

However, the Documentary Package also includes real-time edited coverage of the ceremony in full, speeches in full, and the first and family dances in full in additional to the highlight video. This means full coverage, from beginning to end. Edited between multiple camera angles with the real audio, just like watching a live event on TV. It’s great to have to the whole wedding captured for posterity, even if you only watch it a couple of times. And I’m sure your kids will enjoy it later down the line too 🙂

You have two cameramen with you for the full day, which allows one to be with the bride in the morning and one to be with the groom. It also allows for really great real time coverage during the ceremony, as well as having the freedom to get those perfect shots for the highlight video. Although there are only 2 people, we may use 3 or even 4 cameras depending on the venue. Having two people for the whole day just allows us a bit more freedom and creativity than the Independent Package in terms of getting those killer shots, or spontaneous situations.


2 Cameramen
12 Hours Coverage
Cinematic 5-8 minute Highlight Video
Ceremony in Full
Speeches in Full
First + Family Dances in Full
Highlight Video Online
Deluxe USB Flash Drive Packaging

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