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Sophie came up with some broad concepts and visuals for this music video, and then we fleshed it out and found a couple of awesome locations we wanted to film at. This whole music video was filmed in a less than 24-hour period outside of Calgary in Dorothy, Alberta. Originally we had planned to shoot a lot at the two abandoned old churches there, but found out during location scouting that they had recently been refurbished inside and were now a bit smart and modern for what we had in mind. We based ourselves at the Last Chance Saloon in Wayne and even filmed the night scenes at their campground, but then they’re perfectly used to video and film sets as many big name productions have shot scenes in Wayne.

On the first day of shooting the Alberta wind caused havoc with Sophie’s hair and she made a brave attempt at continuing to play during quite the gale. We got some cool stormy skies in these shots but not quite the calm, evening light as was hoping for. We made up for this by getting up at 4.30am the next day to get brilliant morning sunshine and it was perfect. Slightly less perfect because we shot the campfire scenes the night before finishing after midnight sometime! Big shout out to the make-up people (http://www.mirapucchi.com/) for putting up with my request to start so early (and Sophie of course).

Also featured in the song and video is guitarist Pavlo http://www.pavlo.com/.