Kicking Horse Wedding Video, Golden BC

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Kicking Horse Mountain Resort (the ski hill in the town of Golden, BC) is such a great mountain wedding location. The Eagle Eye restaurant at the top makes for an unforgettable location for the reception, and if it’s possible to have the wedding ceremony on the terrace up there it’s just breathtaking. It looks like you are getting married on top of the world. The venue are amazing to work with. Typically the both the ceremony and the reception are later in the day once the resort is closed for the day (from skiing or biking, whichever season you are in) and you have the whole top of one of the best ski resorts in Canada to yourself and your guests. The opportunities for the photoshoot (or videoshoot) are obviously just endless too. I also love that out of town guests (which I guess would mean pretty much everyone) have plenty to do with hiking, mountain biking, skiing, viewing Boo, the grizzly bear that lives on the hill (in an enclosure…don’t worry) and plenty more.

One of the few places around Calgary that you can actually legally fly a drone in the mountains too. Definitely one of my favourite places to video weddings and makes me thankful for my job as a wedding videographer!