live events, web videos, interviews, freelance videographer, testimonials
tradeshow videos, instructional videos, training videos


competitions, tradeshows, conferences, dance performances, concerts, charitable events/fundraisers


online training videos, health + safety videos, HR and worker orientation videos


Go on, get yourself some professional video produced.

Nowadays pretty much everything and everyone needs a video made of it/them. Especially your cat.

Corporate Video

Need a profile video of your company for your website? Something to show off your products and services? Maybe some testimonials too? We can do that. Get in touch for a quote. Typically $1000-$2500 and up.

Live Event Video

We cover all sorts of live events. We’ve previously provided video for conferences, dance performances, concerts, competitions, tradeshows, even synchronized swimming and body building.


We have LOTS of experience filming interviews for corporate clients. We can do them on location, or at our studio.

Freelance Camera/Videographer

Need some footage from Calgary for your film/video? Often we are hired to shoot video for out of town clients, whether it’s pick up b-roll shots, interviews, or a whole event. We can shoot the video and send you the raw footage to do the editing yourself. Or we can act just as a cameraman with a production team that you send in. We have half day and full day rates for filming.

Training/Instructional Video

We have experience shooting several different types of instructional videos. From health and safety orientation videos, to photography instructional videos, to training videos for employees.

Cat Videos

We’re joking. We don’t do cat videos. Actually, I mean, if you’re serious, I guess we could…

Video can be a promotional tool or an educational tool, and video is being used increasingly across all platforms and for all sorts of reasons. Nowadays it’s harder to find a reason why you DON’T need video as opposed to why you do. It’s our mandate at Ring Tail Films that creative, high quality video doesn’t need to be prohibitively expensive any more. In a day and age where video’s are created and shared every second across the globe, it’s important to get your message out there too.

Our creative talent and technical expertise combined with our enthusiasm for the video medium enable us to handle all your video production from conception to completion. We do small to medium scale productions, editing, freelance camera work and love creating a beautiful, professional finished product. Most recently we are proud to add 4K capabilities to our list of video production capabilities. Ask us for more details or to see whether we recommend 4K for your video.

If you would like a broader look at our videography, check out our Calgary wedding videos to see more of the beautiful videos under our belt!  That also includes our Edmonton wedding videos.

See what we can do for you.