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Natasha + Sumeet – Multi Day Wedding Next Day Edit

Natasha + Sumeet

With our fourth multi-day wedding in a row complete, that is it for multi-day weddings for us this year! July was a crazy month, but we had so much fun and got some incredible footage of some wonderful weddings. We finished off our multi-day weddings with Natasha and Sumeet and their families and friends.

A lot of people were involved in putting this wedding together but we wanted to give a shout out to the photographers. It was our first time working with Studio Lumen and we do hope it isn’t the last. If you want easy going photographers who make you feel comfortable and still do incredible work, Gillian and Jean-Marc should be your go to! We had such a great time with them all week and they were so easy to work with! It felt like we were one team documenting the day and it was amazing. Natasha and Summet were total troopers, running out into a downpour during their photoshoot so we could get some footage and photos of them snuggling underneath an umbrella and it was so worth it! The best part of the day was when the couple told us we could go at the end of a 13 hour ceremony day, but we knew the light outside was beautiful and we had to take them outside for a “couple” shots, which turned into way more than a couple. Haha. You know you have a passionate team when…

We had such a great week with everyone and we look forward to getting into editing all of these lovely weddings! For now, you can watch their Next Day Edit below!

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