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Peter + Anita – Same Day Edit

After a summer FILLED with Same Day Edits, this one wraps them up for awhile and we could not be happier to share it with you!

The day started off with some of the usual games before the tea ceremony. I don’t remember how many times the boys had to do the seaweed pass, but let’s just say that those boys got pretty close pretty fast and I think the wind might’ve played a role in that.

Peter and Anita held their ceremony in a theatre at the Art Gallery of Alberta and the stunning architecture of the building allowed us to capture one of the most beautiful first looks ever!! The anticipation that builds when both the bride and groom are in the frame but unable to see each other because of the grand staircase just gave the start of this wedding film such a cinematic feel. Peter and Anita also managed to get every person who attended the wedding into one group photo after the ceremony. This really goes to show how important it was to them to have their closest family and friends there to celebrate.

We cannot wait to see what Dianna Man Photography (http://www.diannaman.com/#!/HOME) managed to capture throughout the day and cannot wait to get working on this couple’s full wedding film.

Congratulations Peter and Anita!

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