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Tina + Satinder – Same Day Edit


It took us a while to get this video uploaded after our office was struck by lightning and we lost internet for a few days. But back up and running now! Take a look back at the Sikh wedding video of Tina and Satinder that we filmed over the long weekend in Edmonton.

I don’t think I’ve ever worked with such a laid back couple, especially at an Indian wedding. A month before the wedding we sat down to talk times and locations for video…and the events themselves were yet to be finalised! It all came together in time however, and you would never have known on the actual day…and the great thing about a relaxed attitude is they were really able to have fun and enjoy the whole wedding, which really shows in the video.

Thanks to Ferdinand from FM Photo Studios who was awesome to work with and was just as relaxed and non-stressed as Tina and Satinder!

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